Review Policy

If you're a designer and would like to advertise your product(s) just hit me up on SL... I'd love to blog for you I am pretty open minded... IM me at Shellya1994 Resident

I would blog about the following items:
  • Clothing/Fashion
  • Accessories
  • Hair/skin/cosmetics and shapes
  • Sales events/charity events/fairs
  • Poses/animations/AOs
  • Clothing with Lolas Tangos appliers
  • Clothing with Wowmeh mesh body appliers
  • Slink nail/skin appliers/tattoo appliers/shoe add-ons. 
  • Skyboxes/houses
  • interior decor/home furnishings
  • Garden furnishings
  • Clubs/sims
I wouldn't blog the following items: 
  • Items that might hold a reference to smoking or drugs 
  • Child Avis 
  • Furry avis 

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